Paul Mladjenovic
is a national seminar leader, author and consultant. His specialties are investing and home business issues. Since 1981, His company has helped hundreds of thousands of students build wealth through his nationwide seminars, workshops, conferences and coaching program.

Paul has written Stock Investing for Dummies (all three editions), Zero-Cost Marketing,  Precious Metals Investing for Dummies and the Unofficial Guide to Picking Stocks.

As a writer, Paul is also the editor of the Prosperity Alert, a popular financial email newsletter and many of his articles appear at popular financial websites and publications. Paul has done over 2,000 seminars and workshops from California to New York and from from Florida to Toronto since 1986.

Hhe is also the founder and creator of the Financial Vortex conferences which featured many top experts such as Jay Taylor, Roger Wiegand, David Morgan, Peter Grandich, Murray Sabrin, Charles Nedoss and David Corsi.

Bloomberg Financial, Comcast, Financial Sense Newshour, MarketWatch, Gold-Eagle, New York Times, Barron�s, Target Marketing, Korelin Economics Report, Boston Globe, NY Newsday, LeMetroPoleCafe,  Entrepreneur, Newsweek, Self-Employment Survival Letter, Steel on Steel, Futures Magazine, Safehaven, Howe Street and many other media sources.

For the record...
Since 2000, Paul`s forecasting performance is one of the most accurate in the business. Among his forecasts were...
* The collapse of Internet stocks

* The Bear Market of 2000-2002

* The Recession of 2001

* That gold would hit $1000 in 2001 when $255

* The dollar`s fall during 2002-2007

* The commodities bull market

* Record bankruptcies of 2005-2008

* The energy crisis of 2008

* California`s financial crisis two years before the news

* The Housing mania and the popping of the housing bubble

* He predicted the Dow heading to 6,000 during 2004-2007 when most pundits said it would keep going above 14,000
* The sub-prime mortgage crisis

* The credit and derivatives fiasco of 2008

* The recession of 2007-2008

* HIS NEXT FORECASTS? Find out right now! Paul`s latest seminars have new, surprising forecasts that will affect you, your family, your business and your financial future!


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A Special Message from Paul Mladjenovic about today's economic crisis and financial upheaval. Yes...millions are getting hurt by the market calamities, rising bankruptcies, mortgage problems, business closures, job losses and so forth.
Those that attended my national financial and business seminars were warned and were able to easily avoid the economic freight train. Whether you did or didn't, you can still survive and even thrive. The point is...
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While now you hear numerous "experts" on TV and Radio telling you about today's economic woes, I consider them "Johnny come-latelies" that should have seen these events and meltdowns coming long ago. this is not just "hot air"; my record of forecasting economic and financial events goes back years and I want you and your families to benefit from my 28 years of experience. These are a few of my forecasts.
  • In 2001 I forecasted long-term bull markets in gold, silver, energy and other resources.
  • In 2004, I predicted this current recession that "officially" started in December 2007.
  • In 2005, I had forecasted that the housing bubble would pop, the sub-prime mortgage market would be a fiasco and that homeowners and investors would get hammered. In fact, this housing bubble crisis was described in detail and digitally recorded in August 2005.years before TV's talking heads even noticed.
  • In 2006, right in the book I authored (Stock Investing for Dummies, 2nd edition) you will find the specifics in print of the potential market calamities and unfolding mega-trends you are witnessing right now. Again, years before the experts. How valuable could those forecasts have been to you back then? You could have easily made a fortune...or avoided losing one. Never mind history, how about 2011 and beyond?
What can you do today...REAL either increase your wealth or avoid losing it?
This is why I am writing you NOW
I want everyone to be financially secure and I am willing to do whatever I can to make this happen. I know that many people have been hurt financially due to recent events. Fortunately, you can truly empower yourself and the best place to start is with the right knowledge, information and resources. You can be able to download right now the expertise and guidance you will need to navigate today's economic land mines. My seminars are available as digital downloads that you can hear right from your computer! You can start listening and learning immediately right at home. The knowledge and resources can be used and acted on immediately.

I am on record right now as expecting an inflationary depression.

The "old ways of investing and financial planning" could wipe you out! You need to be prepared with knowledge, strategies and resources that can help you cope with today's economic challenges. Doing it right means that you can be able to survive and thrive while most people will get hurt. The great thing is that you don't have to have a lot of money to start or to do crazy or complicated things with your time and money. In fact, just a few simple tactics and strategies along with some painless changes to your financial picture could make all the difference in the world. It would certainly mean a better and more secure situation for you. But time is ticking away and you need to act.

Think about what we are facing right NOW:

Government spending is exploding - bad for the economy!
More and more Federal, State and Local taxes - bad for the economy!
More and more people becoming dependent on the government - not good!
Total government debt is soaring by TRILLIONS! Very bad for us and our kids!
Record high debt, bankruptcies, foreclosures and business failures! Very Bad!
What other events are waiting for us?
It is time to act.

First, do something that won't cost you a dime! Feel free to get a free subscription to the Prosperity Alert, my financial email newsletter while you're there. But don't stop there! The real "financial power" is in the seminars. I have done these seminars for nearly a quarter-century and I constantly update them because the economy and the markets constantly change.

Fortunately, the information-packed seminars that I am talking about are very inexpensive...but I think that what you will learn is priceless. They are can listen right in the comfort of your home! Now you will learn that knowledge isn't just power; it can also be about financial security.

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OPTION #1........ only $49
This is the Bronze Package:
Worried about your finances? your investments? Your retirement accounts? Take the easy steps to change your portfolio today! learn which stocks, ETFs and mutual funds you should avoid and which you should have. the right moves can make you a fortune and the $50 Wealth-Builder seminar can help you make the right choices! Here are some of the powerful strategies you will learn...
* The 5 things you MUST do before you invest your first dollar
* Why money is not the most important resource in your wealth-building picture
* What stocks & ETFs you should avoid, sell or buy
* How to invest with as little as $25 in stocks and bonds
* One strategy that protects your investments for "peace of mind"
* Which mutual funds are long-term winners...and losers!
* The 2 powerful Mega-trends that could make or break you
* What assets will excel in the coming financial storm
* the BONUS report gives you my private research...where I go to get market intelligence from the best minds in the business...FREE!
Knowledge to help you build your financial security is just a few clicks away!
What you get (as instant download):
1) The $50 Wealth-Builder Seminar (3 hour audio)
2) Free Bonus: Financial Resource Report

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OPTION #2........only $69
This is the Silver Package:
Worried about your job? Turn your spare time into cash! Nothing is better for your financial situation than to have a part-time home business. many of my students have made a full-time income from their part-time home business (I am my own example)! With this option you get my full-updated, information-packed HOME BUSINESS GOLDMINE seminar bundled with my EBAY PROFITS seminar (2 full seminars with 6 hours of audio). Among the things you will learn...
* How to easily start any business from the comfort of home
* The 2 most profitable categories of home businesses
* Which mega-trends will be most profitable for you
* How your home business can save you thousands on taxes!
* How to do Zero-Cost Marketing...even if you have no Marketing budget!
* Learn how virtually all the auction experts successfully sell on Ebay (R)
and other auction sites.
One of the biggest differences between high-income and low-income people is what they do in their spare time! Turn your spare time, talents and expertise into a profitable business from the comfort of home! having your own business coupled with the right moves in your investment portfolio means a two-pronged approach to help you build wealth and financial security.
What you get: 3 full seminars (9 hours of audio) + 2 reports
1) The $50 Wealth-Builder Seminar
2) Home Business Goldmine Seminar
3) Profit with Ebay!
4) Free Bonus #1: Financial Resource Report
5) Free Bonus #2: Home Business Resources Report

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OPTION #3........only $149
This is the Gold Package:
Serious wealth-builders understand that you need a two-pronged approach to building wealth; passive & active. passive means that your assets work harder for you (stocks, mutual funds, etc.). Active means that you take the time, effort and initiative to generate income and wealth in your own business. Option #3 is about being a serious wealth-builder with both passive & active strategies. This "Gold package" gives you everything from both Option#1 and #2 along with my seminar "RESCUE YOUR
RETIREMENT" and the full 3-set DVD of the Financial Vortex conference with resource CD that was held in December 2009. This DVD has market intelligence, forecasts and strategies from Paul Mladjenovic along with national experts such as David Morgan, Roger Wiegand, Charles Nedoss, David Corsi and Jay Taylor. Their profitable predictions are already happening!
Social Security, Medicare and many municipal and corporate pension plans are in deep financial trouble. There are TRILLIONS in liabilities that can't be met. Millions of retirees will be at risk and could be devastated due to bankruptcy, inflation and financial difficulties resulting from trillion-dollar mismanagement. Let's face should take control of your financial future. the more you are financially independent at retirement time, the better off you (and your family) will be! Use the information you will pick up from the powerful seminars covered in Options # 1 and #2 and then be able to RESCUE YOUR RETIREMENT in this option. I am committed to your success so as part of the "Gold Package", you will get the full, 3-DVD set and resource CD of the acclaimed Financial Vortex Conference! many attendees will tell you that the resource CD alone is worth hundreds!
You will get priceless, valuable information and guidance that could build you a powerful nest and financial security for less than what it costs to eat out just once!
If you are serious about wealth-building and achieving financial security and having a treasure trove of knowledge and resources to help you survive and thrive in 2009 and beyond...then Option #3 is for you!
What you get:
1) Everything from Options #1 and #2!
2) That includes The $50 Wealth-Builder, the Home Business Goldmine seminar and Profit with Ebay! and...
3) the 2 FREE Bonus reports
4) the 3-hour seminar: Rescue Your Retirement and...
5) A 3-set DVD (6 video hours) of Paul Mladjenovic's FINANCIAL VORTEX CONFERENCE
6) the Financial Vortex resource-packed CD

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Commodities Super BOOM - MINI
$14 MINI Seminar

Cash in on the next SUPER BOOM!
Fortunes will be made in the coming Commodities Super Boom. Don't miss out on HISTORIC PROFITS. In this Mini-Seminar find out what you can do to position yourself as teh natural resources we use everyday hit recored highs. This 17 minute audio includes a confidential list of the top commodities ETF's taht are poised for hugh gains.

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Commodities Super BOOM - FULL
$37 FULL Seminar

Don't miss out on the next SUPER BOOM!

Paul is expecting an inflationary depression in the coming years. learn how you can grow and protect your WEALTH with this FULL 3 hour SEMINAR informing and teaching you about the World Commodities Markets!

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Buy, Sell, and Profit on eBay Seminar
$37.00 Download Audio Seminar

DOWNLOAD - Buy, Sell, and Profit on eBay Seminar
Create a Second or Full-Time Income Stream from Online Auctions
Online auction sites like eBay are a treasure trove for buyers and a gold mine for sellers. This information-packed course will reveal how you can take advantage of the fast-growing world of online auctions as a buyer or seller. Discover:

- Why it is so easy to find people willing to pay big money for your junk.
- What sells including stuff that you had never considered.
- Insider tips for making your listings generate more bids at higher prices.
- Learn the biggest mistakes when buying/selling online and how to avoid them.

Added to that, Paul will help you turn your fun auctions into a profitable part-time business that could generate a full-time income and much more.

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Financial Storm Investing
$37.00 Download Audio Seminar

DOWNLOAD - Financial Storm Investing
Making the right investing decisions in turbulent economic times.
In an uncertain economy and volatile markets, where can you turn for reliable financial guidance on your career, investing, and retirement concerns?

Turn to the man who has helped thousancds achieve financial security as a certified financial planner; someone who predicted the fall of the Dow and Nasdaq a year in advance; someone who can actually help you start making back some of the losses you`ve recently suffered Paul Mladjenovic.

This informative and timely seminar will give you the strategies and resources you need to make more `bankable` financial decisions:

- Proven techniques for safely making money in today`s stock market.
- Where to put your retirement funds for maximum safety.
- How to get your portfolio back on track.
- How to choose winning stocks and mutual funds.
- Valuable, and free, financial planning resources.
- The five critical financial areas you need to address before you invest a dollar.

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Home Business Goldmine Seminar
$37.00 Download Audio Seminar

DOWNLOAD - Home Business Goldmine Seminar
How to Turn Your Talents, Hobbies & Skills into Big Profits from Home!
Do you want another source of income without leaving your job? Are you worried about your position, your company or your financial security? Use the same techniques and strategies that have been used by today`s millionaires! No matter who you are or what you are currently doing, you can turn your spare time & energy into money. Find out how to start & operate from home, part-time or full-time. You don`t need capital to get started, just a desire to succeed. Learn the right approach complete with how-to and where-to information.

You`ll learn about dozens of specific ways to earn money in hot areas such as mail order, Internet businesses, online auctions, self-publishing, factoring, brokering, finder`s fees, liquidating. etc. Imagine earning $50,000 by bringing money to businesses! Or find over 2,000 sources of wholesale products to earn big re-sale profits. Imagine earning big finder`s fees just by doing simple research at the library or perusing public records. Start a low-risk, high-potential journey to financial security. In the past 20+ years Paul has taught thousands of people to launch a successful home-based business! Free Bonus: Business Plan software is included.

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Housing Bubble Seminar
$37.00 Download Audio Seminar

DOWNLOAD - Housing Bubble Seminar
Learn how to make money as the historic housing bubble pops!
This is the seminar that those `real estate gurus` don`t want you to attend. Find out about powerful and lucrative wealth building strategies from Paul Mladjenovic and David Corsin the limited edition digital audio three part seminars.

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Start Your Own Internet Mail Order Biz Seminar
$37.00 Download Audio Seminar

DOWNLOAD - Start Your Own Internet Mail Order Biz Seminar
Make $100,000 or More Without Leaving Your House! Imagine generating a great income from home and having fun doing it! This course will teach you low-risk, low-cost, high-profit strategies to market goods and services from the comfort and privacy of home. You`ll learn how to use mail order and direct Marketing techniques combined with the unlimited power of the Internet, plus how to:

- Get the government to help expand your business
- Create or find exciting new products for resale
- Do zero-and low-cost Marketing
- Learn proven sales techniques using the Internet
- Get free software, email and Web pages
- Find resources and websites to meet any business need
- Drop-shipping
- E-commerce... and more

Plus: Earn full-time income, even if you do it part-time and the great tax-benefits of running a business from home!

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The $100,000 A Year Self Publisher Seminar
$37.00 Download Audio Seminar

DOWNLOAD - The $100,000 A Year Self-Publisher Seminar
Make a huge income from publishing & Marketing information as an Info-preneur!
There are many people that are putting together simple information products that they sell by mail order directly or by having others sell for them. This is a low-cost, low-risk business. You don`t need special skills, expensive equipment or even know how to write. Do it part-time or full-time. This class will show you:

- Where and how to find information on your chosen topic
- Create a Book, Report, Software, CD-Rom, Audio, Video or Newsletter in 2 weeks
- Unleash the power of the Internet and create tremendous income online
- How to have your published product produced for pennies (or even free)
- Make money with other people`s published products
- How to write or self-publish even if you don`t write a single word
- How to sell through catalogs, websites and even email
- Hot to get FREE publicity in publications & the electronic media
- How to get powerful tax benefits as a home-based business

No matter what kind of information interests you, this class will help you find and realize the moneymaking possibilities in the world of writing and self-publishing.

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The $1000 A Day Consultant Seminar
$37.00 Download Audio Seminar

DOWNLOAD - The $1000 A Day Consultant Seminar
According to recent surveys, successful consultants easily earn $1,000 a day - and more. This nuts-and-bolts class teaches you how to start and run your own consulting practice using what you already know. Learn how to:

- Develop your expertise and gain "expert" credentials
- Set your fees and write winning proposals
- Find customers using zero-cost Marketing
- Use the Net to find clients, resources and opportunities
- Do profitable writing and self-publishing to make even more

Discover how to get powerful tax benefits by writing off business meals, your home office, home computer and so on... all with the blessing of the IRS. Also find out how to get quoted as an expert by the media to gain prestige and visibility.

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The $1000 A Day Seminar Leader
$37.00 Download Audio Seminar

DOWNLOAD - The $1000 A Day Seminar Leader
The seminar business has a huge profit potential and a low capital investment.
Seminar expert Paul Mladjenovic tells you everything you need to know to promote successful, moneymaking seminars! Discover how to:

- Choose topics and titles that sell
- Package your experience, know-how or ideas into seminars or
- Find organizations to do your
- Get corporate, adult-ed and cruise-ship speaking opportunities
- Handle your own
- Get radio and TV interviews
- Become a recognized expert

This dynamic class puts you on the fast track to great money!

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The $50 Wealth Builder
$59.00 Download Audio Seminar

DOWNLOAD - The $50 Wealth Builder
This seminar took place a few weeks ago. It is a full seminar complete with nuts`n`bolts information and resources to help you deal with this challenging economic environment. How to safely invest with as little as $50! Learn how you can grow money even in this tough market.

In one information-packed session you can learn how to wisely and profitably begin building your own financial empire as a small investor. This seminar was created specifically to meet the needs of the low- and middle-income investor. You will find out how you can avoid the problems and traps that have plagued investors in recent years; safely buy high-potential stocks for as little as $50 a month (with no commissions!) while minimizing risk; invest in income-producing real estate starting with only $100; get 18% or more from real estate-secured tax lien certificates; buy gold and silver for as little as $50; start a high-powered financial portfolio for $100

invest in mutual funds like a pro; and virtually guarantee $1 million for your retirement! Join Paul and start investing like a pro (why not bring your broker?). Take control of your finances and find out how to make your money work hard for you!

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Ultra-Investing Using Options Seminar
$97.00 Download Audio Seminar

DOWNLOAD - Ultra-Investing Using Options Seminar
This course is not for the financially risk-averse! Learn the strategies that experienced investors are using to make tremendous profits in the world of options. The instructor has students and clients that have turned $2,000 into $100,000 in under six months! In the 12-month period ending March 2004, his clients and students made an astounding 300-500% and more (yes...verifiable!).

According to a major brokerage firm, Paul`s track record puts him in the top1% in the country! He`ll show you how to use options on stocks, indexes, gold, oil, or other commodities. With these investments, you can make a small fortune overnight or (if you`re not careful) lose one.

This course shows you how to do it the right way from an investment pro that is consistently doing it successfully. This exciting one-session program shows you how to minimize your risks and maximize your gains. Learn safe strategies with call and put options, speculate with as little as $500, use options for either quick gains or a steady income.

Learn to use resources and websites to help you track the markets and gain the valuable information you need to succeed. If you want a serious approach to learning how to make money quickly by using tested techniques and proven methods, this is the place to start!

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Zero-Cost Marketing Seminar
$37.00 Download Audio Seminar

DOWNLOAD - Zero-Cost Marketing Seminar
Sell more of your goods and services and expand your business!
Create a huge Marketing network for what you offer. Learn the powerful, proven strategies, techniques and sources that will help you succeed. Whether you are selling a product, service, or even your career, this course works for YOU. Do your Marketing even if you have no promotional budget at all! You will learn:

- How to create publicity
- How to market by getting interviewed on Radio & TV
- Powerful ways to get referrals
- How to get into national catalogs, the Internet & infomercials
- The art of doing press releases that get published.
- FREE methods to advertise on TV, radio, magazines, etc.
- Resources, agents and organizations to maximize your profits

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Job Hunter Encyclopedia Electronic Book
$7.00 Download Electronic Book

Job Hunter's Encyclopedia is the most powerful resource on the internet for anyone searching for a good job.

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